Shimmering Saphyrean Mermaid with Heavenly Hologram Halo Infinity Hood

Shimmering Saphyrean Mermaid with Heavenly Hologram Halo Infinity Hood

$ 79.99

Shimmering Saphyrean Mermaid with Emerald Earth Galaxy Infinity Hood

Now you can wield the universal iridescence of infinite beauty, with its inspiration drawn from the seductively stunning mermaid inhabitants of their sparkle-laden home planet of Saphyrea. Which scintillation is more striking: the second sun of Saphyrea shining off of the smooth Serpent Sea's splash, or the scales of these spectacular sun-bathers situated on the surrounding sand and stones? While we may never settle this timeless debate, the startling similarity reminds us that we are all part of one larger universe filled with beauty and wonder and that our connection to all things grows deeper when we share our shine!

Like all Stardust Love Infinity Hoods, the innovative construction and future-friendly design combine light absorption, reflection, and refraction, pinched seams to keep it in place on the Adventurous Alchemists, Intergalactic Warrior, Disco Knight, or Cosmic Goddess wearing it, and a secret pocket for precious keepsakes and cherished valuables. Share your Shine, Stardust Lovers!

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-The Stardust Love Cosmic Soul Tribe