Big Bad Wolf Red Riding Hood - Faux Fur Infinity Scarf Hoodie - Dragon Scale Reversible Sequin - Stardust Love

Big Bad Wolf Red Riding Hood - Faux Fur Infinity Scarf Hoodie - Dragon Scale Reversible Sequin

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Big Bad Wolf Red Riding Hood - Faux Fur Infinity Scarf Hoodie - Dragon Scale Reversible Sequin

  Sourced entirely on Earth's neighboring red planet, this magical headpiece worn by warriors, wizards, and goddesses alike, is the combination of an exterior of scales from the nocturnal, color-changing, winged lizard 'Corytorouge Basilonyxa' (commonly referred to as the Chromatic Checker-Chafed Chameleon or 'C4') as well the uber-valuable Martian Gold created ages ago by the impact of crater-causing meteor showers leaving it buried deep below the surface of Mars.

  This species is most closely related to Earth's Jesus Christ Lizard, or simply the Jesus Lizard (from the family commonly known as basilisks), given this alias on account of their ability to run across water for significant distances before sinking.

  With its scales flipped back away from its head for camouflage as well aerodynamics, its winged cosmic cousin dons an onyx-like appearance while soaring at great heights thru the Martian atmosphere, blending in to near invisibility with the night sky. Upon its return to the surface of Mars, the C4 ruffles its scales towards its head, revealing a reflective, metallic rouge appearance for the sake of protection and disguised hunting.

  It sleeps in a nest hidden deep within the treacherous mines far below Mars's stunning plateaus and fog-laden craters, where the daily magma deluge renders the gold mines all but impossible to cultivate let alone gain access to. Its no wonder intergalactic appraisers value this cosmic couture creation as as a priceless commodity, while we at Stardust Love are thrilled to make it available for well below a king's ransom.

  Like all Stardust Love Infinity Hoods, the innovative construction and future-friendly design combine light absorption, reflection, and refraction, pinched seams to keep it in place on the Adventurous Alchemists, Intergalactic Warrior, Disco Knight, or Cosmic Goddess wearing it, and a secret pocket for precious keepsakes and cherished valuables. Share your Shine, Stardust Lovers!

Made from high-quality spandex and flip-sequin. Sequins won't come off! 
Handmade in Los Angeles
Secret Pocket to Store Valuables

Hand wash cold and lay flat to dry. Keep chain dry while washing. Do not store in extreme temperatures or in sunlight.

Stardust Love is now delivering all domestic orders for FREE as a token of our gratitude for over 3 years of making magic together. Thank you for spreading Stardust Love & Light, and shine on you crazy diamonds!!