Black Velvet Luxury Cosmic Hoodie Infinity Scarf

Black Velvet Luxury Cosmic Hoodie Infinity Scarf

$ 59.99

  The Stardust Love Black Liquid Luxury Infinity Hood has a central theme in its creation: everything goes with black. We currently offer the Black Liquid Luxury paired with the elegant black and white Golden Honeycomb Helix, as well the murdered out Smooth Midnight Velvet, with a nod to Jay-Z's call for "all black everything". Make this smooth, sleek selection a part of your everyday wardrobe and prepare for widespread admiration.

Like all Stardust Love Infinity Hoods, the innovative construction and future-friendly design combine light absorption, reflection, and refraction, pinched seams to keep it in place on the Adventurous Alchemists, Intergalactic Warrior, Disco Knight, or Cosmic Goddess wearing it, and a secret pocket for precious keepsakes and cherished valuables. Share your Shine, Stardust Lovers!

Stardust Love's Cosmic Carrier is now delivering all domestic orders for FREE.

-The Stardust Love Cosmic Soul Tribe