What is Stardust Love?

Stardust Love's Mission:

  • Stardust Love's mission is to awaken souls to realize their destiny and empower spirit warriors with the gift of alchemy; the ability to change their surroundings using love, light, energy, and magic. We are all One. We are Infinite. We are all Stardust Love.


  • Stardust Love was founded by the Cosmic Soul Tribe on April 25th, 2014.


  • The Double Infinity sign represents Unconditional Love, and the 4-sided star represents your Starseed Soul with direction towards your Destiny like a compass rose.


    • Best Apparel for Alchemists: 2014-15.
    • Best Fashion for Intergalactic Time Travel: 2033-infinity and beyond.


    • Instagram: @stardustloveofficial
    • Facebook: www.facebook.com/stardustlove
    • Twitter: @stardustloveu


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    Thank you for visiting our page and for spreading Stardust Love and Light. Welcome to the Cosmic Soul Tribe; inspire and empower everyone!