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Assasin's Creed Hood

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Assasin's Creed Ascension with Coruscant Cobalt Constellation Infinity HoodAssasin's Creed Hood - Burning Man Mask - All Black Infinity Scarf - Black Ninja Hoodie - Assassins Creed ComicCon Costume - Black Spirit Hood

This nod to the recent blockbuster based on a legendary video game is extremely lightweight and subtle yet stylish. Like all Stardust Love Infinity Hoods, the future-fashion fabrics combine light reflection and refraction and the innovative design keeps it in place on your head. Welcome to the Cosmic Soul Tribe and thank you for spreading Stardust Love & Light!!

Made from high-quality spandex and flip-sequin. Sequins won't come off! 
Handmade in Los Angeles
Secret Pocket to Store Valuables

Hand wash cold and lay flat to dry. Keep chain dry while washing. Do not store in extreme temperatures or in sunlight.

Stardust Love is now delivering all domestic orders for FREE as a token of our gratitude for over 3 years of making magic together. Thank you for spreading Stardust Love & Light, and shine on you crazy diamonds!!